2019 Reunion – Guests


Join us on the Mountain in beautiful October for "The Forever Friends of The Waltons" inaugural weekend and the Grand Opening of John & Olivia’s Bed & Breakfast Inn!


Our 5th guest is ... ERIN WALTON! 

She was known as the pretty one but Erin also knew how to get things done, just ask J.D. Pickett. Mary McDonough is also known as the cheerleader of the Walton Cast members. No one is more enthusiastic to get the good times rolling than Mary. Having recently seen her novel turned in to a Hallmark Christmas movie special she is constantly full of surprises. She has written 4 books to date, she is a life coach and a health advocate. No cast reunion would be quite the same without Mary's charisma and charm.



She wore pigtails, cutoff shorts and no shoes during her audition, but it was her command of Mary Ellen’s famous barn rant that won Earl Hamner’s instant approval! Judy Norton ably portrayed Earl’s sister, Marion, with confidence and poise. Both Marion and Mary Ellen would become nurses, leave the mountain for their careers, continue to be outspoken and stand in their own light, all reasons why fans so loved Marion, Mary Ellen...and Judy Norton. And now she’s coming back to the mountain! Join us on October 25-26 for the Forever Friends of The Waltons and Grand Opening of John & Olivia’s to greet our special guest, Judy Norton!



He portrayed two grandfather’s namesake. He perfected a boy’s Southern accent pretty well for a kid from England. He is back in England now...but he’s coming to the Mountain in October! Jon Walmsley portrayed Earl’s brother, Clifton Anderson Hamner, named for his paternal grandfather, Walter Clifton Hamner and his maternal grandfather, Colonel Anderson Giannini. And of all the kids on The Waltons who were told to portray a slight Southern accent, Jon nailed it! In addition he took his musical skills, honed on the show and made it his career. Welcome back to Schuyler, Jon!



The Walton Hamner House is pleased to announce that KAMI COTLER will attend the Forever Friends of The Waltons and Grand Opening of John & Olivia’s! Our beautiful Kami is constantly sharing production details of the show on her FB page and now you can meet her and thank her! Kami taught school here in Nelson County for a few years, so we are welcoming her back home!


Joining us in October is everyone's favorite hot-headed Walton,

"BEN!" aka Eric Scott. 

Eric brings lots charisma to any Walton event. Funny, charming, and loads of character Eric will win over anyone who has yet to meet him. He he's not running things at his courier service in Los Angeles, California, he loves to share updates about his family on Facebook.